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Wy'East High School - Timeline

1950 - Nielson Ratings, Peanuts, Groundbreaking begins on Wy'East High School
1951 - Korean War, Builtin Flash, Power Steering, Wy'East opens doors
1951-52 - Cinerama, American Bandstand, Eisenhower elected, Rocky Marciano
1952-53 - Area codes, Sir Edmund Hilary (Everest), Joseph Stalin dies
1953-54 - Hank Aaron, Sun Myung Moon, Vietnam divides, Brown v. Board of Ed.
1954-55 - Transistor radios, TV Dinners, "Rock Around the Clock", Polio vaccine
1955-56 - Fiber optics, First McDonalds, Rosa Parks, Princess Grace, "Hound Dog"
1956-57 - Sputnik, Transatlantic cable, "The Cat in the Hat", Motown, Killer bees
1957-58 - Color videotape, Rice-a-Roni, Khrushchev, NASA, Atomic submarine
1958-59 - The laser, First Grammys, Alaska, "Sound of Music", Leakey Man
1959-60 - Xerox, Smell-O-Vision, Fidel Castro, Hawaii, Barbie doll, Buddy Holly dies
1960-61 - Freedom rides, Kennedy elected, Bay of Pigs, Peace Corps.
1961-62 - Mississippi Riots, Cuban Missle Crisis, Telstar, Life Cereal
1962-63 - "I have a dream", Minicomputer, Jack Nicklaus, Marilyn Monroe dies
1963-64 - Kennedy assinated, Polaroid color, Beatlemania, Artificial heart
1964-65 - Selma, LBJ elected, Touch Tone phones, Super8 movies, Gatorade
1965-66 - Surveyor1 on Moon, Danang, Malcolm X, "I Got You Babe", Ralph Nader
1966-67 - Haight-Ashbury, LSD banned, Miranda rights, Star Trek, Ghandi
1967-68 - Tet Offensive, MLK slain, Dolby, Thurgood Marshall, Heart transplant
1968-69 - Bobby Kennedy killed, Nixon elected, Walk on moon, Woodstock
1969-70 - E.P.A., Butch Cassidy, Kent State, Laugh-In, S&G, Boing-747, Apollo-13
1970 - Wy'East converted to a Middle School...HR Valley High School opens

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